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Advanced Propagation

Smart Planning for Smart Wireless Networks

The Advanced Propagation Module is an add-on to EDX SignalPro® that offers highly accurate, site-specific calculations of pathloss, delay spread, and arrival angle spread for indoor, small-scale outdoor, and indoor-outdoor wireless network design.

The Advanced Propagation Module provides a cost-effective approach for doing highly accurate site-specific wireless propagation calculations that explicitly take into account detailed building and floor plan features describing the propagation environment.  It includes three specialized propagation models that all use ray-tracing techniques:

  • 2D ray-tracing
  • 3D indoor ray-tracing
  • 3D outdoor ray-tracing

Broadband Channel Modeling

Unlike propagation models that consider only one or two paths between the transmitter and receiver, and thus are necessarily narrowband models, ray-tracing models consider multiple paths between the transmitter and receiver and can therefore depict the time and frequency dependent broadband characteristics of the channel.  The Advanced Propagation Module can show graphs of the time domain impulse response of the channel anywhere in your wireless network service area, as well as display maps of RMS delay spread.  An added benefit to EDX’s approach to ray-tracing provides for RMS angular spread which can be a useful indicator of available capacity enhancement when using MIMO or other advanced adaptive antenna systems.


Because of its comprehensive image-based approach, the ray-tracing models in EDX’s Advanced Propagation Module are best suited to network deployments in indoor, campus-wide or other relatively small-scale outdoor situations where the number of structures and walls is limited.  It can handle propagation calculations between floors in multi-floor buildings as well as indoor-to-outdoor (and outdoor-to-indoor) calculations for wireless networks deployed in commercial or academic campus-wide situations.