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EDX Cirrus

Smart Planning for Smart Wireless Networks

EDX Cirrus is the custom, high-resolution data subscription service.EDX Cirrus includes high-resolution 1m/30m hybrid clutter data, terrain, vector, demographic and social media data.  The EDX Cirrus service provides regularly updated data, ensuring users have the most current and accurate information available.

Annual subscription plans include the continental US, global data, or data for a particular service area as defined by one-square degree tiles – providing a cost effective alternative to purchasing data outright.  Current SignalPro users can utilize EDX Cirrus data in existing projects.

Flexible Subscription Plans

Annual subscription plans include the entire globe, the US or a particular service area as defined as a one square-degree service area.  Have the entire world at your fingertips, or subscribe to a particular area as networks are built out – renew your subscription for long term use, or subscribe for one year for short-term projects.

High-Resolution Modeling

1m/30m hybrid clutter data consists of multiple data sources and offers accurate data with resolutions as high as one meter in areas where it is most applicable.  For example; you would see higher resolution data in dense, urban areas and lower resolution in rural type area that are sparser in land use consideration and do not require a higher resolution database.Because these higher resolution databases can show street canyons and often times individual building footprints, they are a critical part of designing networks in which transmitters or mobile units area are at a street level where roads, buildings and other obstructions need to be taken into account to properly model system coverage.