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LoRa/IoT Module

Smart Planning for Smart Wireless Networks

The LoRa®/IoT Module contains specialized area studies, along with a full suite of tools for the design of low-power, wide-area networks in any service area environment.

LoRa as a technology provides many benefits for enterprise, municipalities and consumers worldwide.  But these networks also present unique challenges in their design and deployment. SignalPro with the LoRa/IoT Module address these challenges by providing data rate analysis, coverage prediction, automatic hardware layout tools, report generation, channel planning and the ability to model mixed-area service area environments to streamline system design and deployment.


SignalPro with the LoRa/IoT Module automatically assigns the router site locations that will best serve the network. In using a tower/pole database, street vector data or a list of candidate locations then analyzing terrain elevation, number of devices to cover and capacity constraints to place equipment, the software ensures a network meets performance and budgetary requirements.


Because LoRa network performance is greatly affected by the areas in which they are deployed, a detailed model of the service area is required for proper planning. EDX Cirrus is the high-resolution data subscription service that includes 1m/30m hybrid clutter data, terrain, vector and demographic data. The service provides regularly updated data, ensuring users have the most current and accurate information available.