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The MCL04 is intended for lab use and ideal for universities and testing labs. It allows replicating small 4G LTE Advanced (Voice + Data) cellular network. Amitec makes it easy for you set up an LTE Advanced network release 10 as per The release 10 is a recent version of LTE with advanced technologies like MIMO. The lab is complete with reconfigurable EnB’s, multiband LTE cellular phones and EPC pre-configured. The lab is future ready to handle 1Gbps future data rate with software provided for exceptional value and performance.

The system is based on a reconfigurable RF/FPGA/ARM hardware platform and an LTE ENb software. This approach allows for tremendous flexibility at a reduced cost. The USB 3.0 super speed interface serves as the connection between the ENB and EPC. This enables the user to realize 150 Mb/s of peak data rates in downlink and 75Mbps in uplink modes.

The Radio is configurable as SISO or MIMO 2X2 and ungradable to 8X8 and compatible with all commercial LTE phones and dongles.

The system emulates commercial base stations deployed by large network operators costing millions and makes available to the student the best practices of telecommunication industry at an affordable price. A real system is a boon to researchers to test their new algorithms and study mobile phone and base station in a classroom.

All the parameters of the physical layer are accessible to the user to create infinite test scenarios in a lab environment.

Complete turnkey solution with Hardware (EnodeB Radio + LTE Antennas + LTE Smartphone + LTE Test SIM) + Software (eNobeB + EPC + IMS Server server) + Service (1 year warranty + Upgrade + Tech support + Training) in a package for peace of mind.


4G Lab Brochure


  • 4G LTE eNodeB + EPC + UE replication in Lab
  • LTE Advanced release 10 as per
  • The throughput of  up to 150Mbit/Second 
  • Unlimited UE simultaneous connections
  • Video streaming, voice over LTE support.
  • Fully functional TDD LTE Band 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44
  • Programmable Bandwidth of 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15 & 20MHz
  • ASIC Architecture: combines LNA, PA driver, RX/TX Mixers, RX/TX Filters, Synthesizers, RX Gain control, TX power control
  • +5dBm Transmit power & -120dBm Sensitivity Receiver
  • SISO & 2X2 MIMO built-in and expandable to 8X8 in future
  • Low power FCC compliant license-free operation to the 10m range
  • No recurring cost of software or licenses
  • Orthogonal frequency domain multiple access (OFDMA) DL
  • Single-carrier frequency domain multiple access (SC-FDMA) UL
  • Timing Measurement though PRACH
  • coordinated multipoint transmission and reception
  • NAT-based IP routing
  • all IP core network, the System Architecture Evolution (SAE)
  • S1 and X2 using Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  • Implements MAC, RLC, PDCP, and RRC layers
  • X2AP interface between eNodeBs
  • Calibrated +0.1ppm TCXO frequency reference
  • USB 3.0 Super speed Interface to EPC
  • Wireshark MAC LTE capture
  • IPV6 supported
  • Handling of UE procedures attach, authentication, security configuration, detach, tracking area update, service access, radio bearer establishment, paging
  • Configurable user database