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GIGA BNP UV Disinfection Chamber


Ultraviolet light is able to provide high-level disinfection. As the results of the experiments shows that sterilization rate of the UV-C sanitizer light can be up to 99.99%. The UV sanitizer can destroy the Virus/ Bacteria/Molds/spores such as Microbes, Coronavirus, Berne Virus (CoronaViridae), Murine Coronavirus (MHV), Canine Coronavirus (CCV), SARS Coronavirus CoV-P9, SARS coronavirus (Hanoi) and SARS coronavirus (Urbani), COVID-19.


QUICK AND EFFECTIVE DISINFECTION: Simply put the items in the UV Disinfection chamber, which needs to be sterilize. It only take few seconds to reach 99.99% disinfection rate. No need of liquid and chemicals. In Disinfection Chamber, One click is required to turn it on and off, and automatic shutdown function after disinfection. Highest safety standard through sensors for user as Safe UV light auto shuts-off when the door is open. No residue, No Ozone smell after using UV Light Sterilizer Box. 360-degree irradiation and disinfection. Patent for the product is processed*.


THREE MINTUES TO DISINFECT: This device only needs 3 minutes to sanitize your stuff with disinfection rate up to 99.99%. Four pieces of UV-C LED bulbs built inside generate 260-280 nm ultraviolet wavelength (UV-C beams) to penetrate and disrupt DNA & RNA of germs. The operation would be effective and safe. No maintenance cost and all UV lamps have long lifespan to further decrease the cost.


CERTIFIED AND SAFE: This disinfection chamber is certified and approved by the prominent Government of India Institute. For protection of the user, it automatically stops if the cover is open during working.



Corona Disinfection Chamber Brochure


1) HOUSEHOLD APPLICATIONS -Clothes, slippers, watches, wallets, jeweler, TV remote, newspaper, keys, delivery packages, Toys, bottles, school bags, books, cutlery, Mobile phones, iPads, laptops, headphones, Packed food protection, vegetables and Plastic packed food items and milk packets.


2) MEDICAL APPLICATIONS -Face masks, eye goggles, and face shield, reusable PPE kits, Medical equipment like intubation tubes, stethoscopes, surgical tools, Laboratory equipment, and dental equipment.


3) COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS- (Can be placed in Hospital, shops, factories, organization and banks etc.)

Loose currency notes, coins, Daily use materials like pens, files, notebooks. Products before selling and tools before starting work in factory.


4) BEAUTY SALON & SPA APPLICATIONS- Nail tools, Towels, scissors, combs, Dryers, Cosmetics, Brushes, tweezers, electric razor, and other equipment.

Basic specification information:

  1. Product Name: UV Disinfection Chamber
  2.  Model: GIGABNP-UVDC1
  3.  Input:  220 V (5Amp), 50Hz
  4.  Timer: Digital
  5.  Wavelength: 260-280 nm
  6.  UV Life: 8000-10000* Hours approximately
  7.  No. of Lamp: 04
  8.  Disinfection Dose: ˃1500 mJ/cm2
  9.  Cord Length: 3 Meter.
  10.  Shelves: Stainless steel (SS) shelves 02
  11.  Inner Size (mm): 406.4 x 279.4 x 304.8
  12.  Outer Size (mm): 457.2 x 482.6 x 304.8