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M1-30GE ( 30Gbps, Full Duplex)

 FSO equipment provides wireless transmission of a digital signal through the atmosphere in an unlicensed infrared (optical) part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The manufacturer of this wireless communication equipment is one of the largest and most successful enterprises in the aerospace industry of Russia - Ryazan State Instrument Plant. Equipment ARTOLINK ® has a Certificate of Conformity of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Russia .

The Ethernet channel tester allows you to estimate the actual bandwidth of communication channels (including wireless ones), measure a set of parameters regulated by the IEEE and RFC standards.

30 Gbit/s ARTOLINK Model

Only one wireless communication system on the world market which can transfer data with speed 10, 20,30 Gbit/s in the full-duplex mode at distances up to 1500m.

  • Autotracking

  • Narrow beams of emission - secure data

  • Wavelength 1550 nm

  • Special interface optimized for transmission in the atmosphere

  • Double channel technology with backup supply

  • Automatic emitting control

  • Built-in service channel

  • Built-in telescope for easy targeting

  • Built-in defroster

  • IP monitoring

  • SNMP alerts

        Parameters of the model M1-30GE 


30Gbps, Full Duplex

The maximum recommended distance

1300 m

BER Level


Transmission delay

5 US

User Interfaces

2 Ports IOG SFP+

Channel Type

Transparent, Protocol Independent

MTU Bytes


Power Supply

AC 100-240; 50-60Hz DC 48 ± 12

Power consumption


Dimensions of the outdoor unit

480x285x300 mm




M1-30GE (30Gbps, Full Duplex) Product Brochure