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DAS Design Module

Smart Planning for Smart Wireless Networks

The DAS Design Module is a powerful add-on module that enables both indoor and outdoor DAS systems to be designed and visualized in SignalPro.This module supports detailed design of indoor RF DAS and AP based integrated networks as well as outdoor campus and metro DAS networks.  The DAS Design Module accurately portrays both outdoor-to-indoor and indoor-to-outdoor coverage by considering the effect of external transmitters within building environments by including wall attenuation and other factors.

RF Equipment Library

The DAS Design Module contains a pre-filled library of common RF sources, access points, RF splitters, directional couplers, antennas, RF and DAS cables, combiners, attenuators, DAS hubs and DAS remotes with their associated RF parameters.

Automatic Report Generation

  • Bill of Materials
  • Downlink RF power calculation for each antenna and each frequency band
  • Coverage query statistics

Active and Passive DAS Design

Design anything from a simple passive DAS for a single floor to a complex network of active and passive devices that spans multiple floors.