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Aneka Solutions

Enabling .NET-based Enterprise Grid and Cloud Computing

One of the notable characteristics of Aneka PaaS is to support provisioning of private cloud resources ranging from desktops, clusters to virtual datacenters using VMWare, Citrix Zen server and public cloud resources such as Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, and GoGrid Cloud Service

Distributed 3D Rendering Manjrasoft Distributed Rendering
For 3D rendering, Aneka enables you to complete your jobs in a fraction of the usual time using existing hardware infrastructure without having to do any programming.

Education & Training in Grid & Cloud Computing

Education and Training

Help educate a new generation of students in the latest area of computing. Add Parallel, Distributed and Cloud Computing into your curriculum. We provide teaching tools, software and examples to get your program up and running quickly.

Life Sciences

In the life sciences sector Aneka can be used for drug design, medical imaging, modular & quantum mechanics, genomic search etc. Using Aneka, simulations take hours instead of days to complete enabling you to improve your quality and precision of research by carrying out multiple simulations and decrease your time to market by doing parallel simulations.