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RF Analyzer

Gigabyte Networks is counted in the list of premium RF Analyzer traders, manufacturers, suppliers and exporters based in India. We are offering comprehensive range which works of wide band of frequencies. These instruments work as standalone as handheld device as well as interface via USB cable to PC running the simulation software. The complete range is specially manufactured in compact, lightweight designs. During the implementation, designing and installation of the network, it is essential to know the interference. Moreover, it is also important to know the signal strength as well as throughput of the signals. This instrument helps in monitoring such things. Our complete range is based on the latest technology to ensure highly precise and accurate measurement. We are offering our range in domestic as well as in international market. The interested clients should contact us to get our range.

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  • Unified Team-based Design Management maintains uniformity across local or remote teams
  • Configurable FPGA/EDA Flow Manager interfaces with 120+ vendors tools allows teams to remain on one platform throughout FPGA development
  • Quickly deploy designs by using Text, Schematic and State Machine
  • Distribute or deliver IPs using more secure and reliable Interoperable Encryption standard


  • Powerful common kernel mixed language simulator that supports VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog(Design) and SystemC
  • Ensure code quality and reliability using graphically interactive debugging and code quality tools
  • Perform metrics driven verification to identify unexercised parts of your design using Code Coverage analysis tools
  • Improve verification quality  and find more bugs using ABV - Assertion-Based Verification (SVA, PSL, OVA)
  • Connect the gap between HDL simulation and high level mathematical modeling environment for DSP blocks using MATLAB®/Simulink® interface